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Comments about the recent Arkansas Times article that referred to this web site.

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Some reference was made in the article about the difficulty discerning a political view from my "fuzzy rhetoric" in my defense of Confederate monuments below. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a non-political organization and I try to avoid politics on these pages, especially my personal views, and that may explain the "fuzziness". For the curious though, let me just say that my economic views are conservative and my social views are moderate with a sprinkling of liberal in there. At this moment there are 3 individuals I could heartily support for President or the United States, two of them are African-Americans. I would be happy to discuss my personal political philosophy with anyone by private e-mail, though for the life of me I can't imagine why anyone would be particularly interested.

More importantly my interest in this organization was born out of an interest in genealogy, history, and a love for this State and region, nothing more. My great-great grandfather died during the war and it was his story that started my search. Modern politics and modern controversies played no part in it at all. I believe in fairness for EVERYONE, every citizen of Arkansas is just as important as any other. My two year membership in the SCV has never conflicted with these beliefs.

The following appeared in the Voices section of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on May 3, 1996.
This letter illustrates why a historical and educational organization like the SCV is
necessary to protect the legacy of the Confederate soldier.

The response is the opinion of the webmaster and may or may not reflect the views of Camp
1655 or the SCV.


"Why does our state government continue to honor white supremacy
by keeping the Confederate monuments on the state capitol grounds?

These monuments were erected in the early 1900s when the 'Negro
question' was being resolved. State leaders of that time expressed
openly the purpose of the monuments as being to instill Confederate
ideals in the future generations of Arkansans, namely apartheid and white supremacy.

I suspect it is no coincidence that the law establishing Confederate
Flag day was enacted in 1957, the same year that Central High School was integrated.

So now we have, in this liberal time, the paradox of our state leaders
denouncing white supremacy while still honoring it through
Confederate monuments on the Capitol grounds.

I believe the proper place for these monuments is the Confederate
cemetery, and the Confederate cause of maintaining the status quo along with them.


The writer argues that the Confederate Monument exists to promote "white
supremacy" and "apartheid". This is a fallacy of the highest order. By
definition a Veteran's memorial exists only to pay tribute to those soldiers who
when called by their government, went. My great-great grandfather was one of
those who went, he is also one of those who never returned. The State of
Arkansas obviously recognized the sacrifices these men made at their call
and dedicated these monuments to recognize and honor that service.

Has political correctness so invaded our consciousness that we can advocate
removal of our veteran's monuments because we don't like the politics of the
war they fought in? If so, this is a dangerous precedent. We have fought
other wars that some consider "politically incorrect". Will their monuments,
memorials, and symbols be removed or allowed to deteriorate when they are
no longer here to defend their honor? Who will speak up for the legacy of
bravery that they compiled when they are gone?

Veterans of all of our wars should be respected and honored. Memorials
and monuments dedicated to them should be above political debate and be
held sacrosanct by all.

5/6ths of these men did not own slaves. Why did they fight then? There is much
research on this subject and I urge everyone to consult that research and
find out for themselves. Editorials are just that, they are someone's opinion,
the same goes for letters to the editor. Formulate your own opinion, don't just
adopt someone elses because you see it in the paper.

Follow this link to see General Gordon's response to similar attacks."
If you are descended from a Confederate veteran and wish to do your part to
honor their sacrifices, and protect their monuments and symbols contact the
national headquarters of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
You can also contact the camp in your area directly.
Thank you.

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