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Soldiers of the Month

Soldier of the Month for March 1998
2nd Lt. James Wiseman Honnoll 11th Mississippi Cavalry

SOTM Archive
March 1998 - 2nd Lt. James Wiseman Honnoll11th Mississippi Cavalry
May 1997 - Col. John Griffith 11th and 17th Arkansas Infantry
March 1997 - Sgt. M.V. Ray4th Mississippi Infantry
February 1997 - Maj. Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne Army of Tennessee
January 1997 - Maj. Gen. Thomas C. Hindman Army of the Trans-Mississippi
December 1996 - Maj. Gen. James Fagan Army of the Trans-Mississippi
November 1996 - David O. Dodd Boy Martyr of Arkansas
October 1996 - Col. Van H. Manning 3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment
September 1996 - The Knox Brothers 5th Arkansas Infantry Regiment
August 1996 - Colonel Alexander Spotswood Vandeventer 50th Virginia Infantry Regiment
July 1996 - Private Caswell Hall Barnhill 5th Arkansas Infantry Regiment
June 1996 - Colonel Robert G. Shaver 7th Arkansas Infantry

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