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Civil War Photographs relating to Arkansas

Arkansas Confederate Soldiers
Arkansas Monument at Gettysburg National Battlefield
Arkansas Monument at Shiloh National Battlefield
Arkansas Plaque at Shiloh National Battlefield
Battle Flag of the 9th Arkansas Infantry
Battle Flag of the 15th Arkansas Infantry
Captain I.N. Brown, C.S.N, Captain of the C.S.S. Arkansas
Confederate Gunboat #51, on White River
U.S. Arsenal at Little Rock including a monument to the Capitol Guards
General Patrick Ronayne Cleburne the finest of Arkansas
C.S.S. Arkansas Under Construction
C.S.S. Arkansas pounding the Carondolet
General Thomas C. Hindman Lion of the South
General Kirby Smith commander of the Trans-Mississippi to the last
General Marmaduke a fine Missouri cavalry commander who defended Arkansas (my apologies to our Missouri brethren for the previous misidentification)
General Stand Watie, last to surrender leader of our Indian neighbors
General Saladin Watie son of Stand Watie and a General in his own right

Suggested Reading

Here are some Arkansas Civil War books for those interested in finding out more about the State's role in the war. If you know of other books for this list let us know.

Embattled Arkansas: The Prairie Grove Campaign of 1862
Michael E. Banasik; Broadfoot Publishing Co., Wilmington, North Carolina, 1996; ISBN 1-56837-308-2
A meticulously researched book that includes MUCH more than the Prairie Grove battle. This book covers most of the campaigns in Indian Territory and western Missouri as well. If you want a detailed picture of these interlinked campaigns there is no better book. 61 rare photos of the opposing commanders! 30 maps! 553 pages!

Steele's Retreat From Camden; and the Battle of Jenkin's Ferry
Edwin C. Bearss; Pioneer Press, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1967; ISBN 0960225-5-1
A detailed analysis of the Red River Campaign in south Arkansas by the former Research Historian for the National Park Service. This book is a very readable account of this important but little known campaign.

First In - Last Out
Major Calvin L. Collier, U.S.A.F.; Pioneer Press, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1961
Regimental history of the Capitol Guards, a company of the 6th Arkansas Infantry Regiment. Details their service with the Army of Tennessee.

They'll Do To Tie To!
Captain Calvin L. Collier, U.S.A.F.; Pioneer Press, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1959
Regimental history of the 3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment. The only Arkansas Regiment to serve throughout the war with the Army of Northern Virginia under General Lee.

Lion of the South: General Thomas C. Hindman
Diane Neal and Thomas Kremm; Mercer University Press, Macon, 1993; ISBN 0-86554-422-0
A comprehensive biography of this amazing politician and General. Fully details how he singlehandedly took on the political family of Arkansas and became the driving force in Arkansas politics during the pre-war years. Tells the story of how he managed to put together a credible defense of the Trans-Mississippi from scratch without assistance from Richmond and the controversies surrounding it. Follows him through his service with the Army of Tennessee and his life in Mexico after the war. And of course deals with his assassination in Helena while trying to bring white and black Arkansans together into the Democratic party.

The Fighting Fifth: Pat Cleburne's Cutting Edge
Floyd R. Barnhill, Sr. with Major Calvin L. Collier; privately published, 1990
This is a hard one to find, but it's well worth the trouble to locate it. Follows the Fifth Arkansas Infantry Regiment all of the way through the war. Contains photos of the regiments commanders and soldiers, maps of the regiments battles, and a detailed narrative of their travails and triumphs. Contains a complete regimental roster. Several Arkansas libraries have copies and you might be able to get it through the inter-library loan program.

Historical Atlas of Arkansas
Gerald T. Hanson and Carl Moneyhon; University of Oklahoma Press, Norman and London, 1989; ISBN 0-8061-1844-X
This work contains informative maps on all aspects of Arkansas history and geography from pre-European times to the present. Contains battle maps of some of the major Civil War engagements.

Portraits of Conflict
Bobby Roberts and Carl Moneyhon; University of Arkansas Press, Fayetteville, 1987; ISBN 0-938626-83-3
A gorgeous book filled with rare wartime photographs of Arkansas and her soldiers. Arkansas photographs are extremely difficult to find and these gentlemen have done a terrific job pulling them together into a single work. The accompanying text presents a clear picture of the politics, strategic situation, and life for individual soldiers and citizens.

Confederate Arkansas: The People and Policies of a Frontier State in Wartime
Michael B. Dougan; University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa, 1976; ISBN 0-8173-0522-X
Winner of the 1972 Mrs. Simon Baruch University Award of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. An excellent look at the State's political situation before, during, and after the war.

Rebellion and Realignment; Arkansas's Road to Secession
James M. Woods; University of Arkansas Press, Fayetteville, 1987; ISBN 0-938626-59-0
An analysis of the internal divisions within the State during the antebellum period and the lead up to secession and war.

Rugged and Sublime: The Civil War in Arkansas
Mark K. Christ, editor; University of Arkansas Press, Fayetteville, 1994; ISBN 1-55728-357-5
THE guidebook for Arkansas in the war. Presents excellent information on both the battles in the field and in the Statehouse. Written clearly and understandably it is a good read as well. A must for anyone interested in the oft ignored Trans-Mississippi theater.

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