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Thank you for taking the time to add your veteran to the memorial. The following veterans are eligible for listing on the memorial:
1) Any veteran of an Arkansas Civil War unit
2) Any citizen of Arkansas who was a member of any Civil War unit
3) Any Civil War veteran buried in Arkansas
4) Any Civil War veteran who served within the borders of Arkansas
5) Any Arkansas civilian who died as a direct result of the conflict
6) Any Arkansas civilian who was a member of a Peace Society
7) Any official of a wartime Arkansas government

Please include all available information about the veteran in question. PLEASE SUBMIT ONLY ONCE. Your entry will be added within a week or so depending on my schedule. If it doesn't show up in that time period submit again. Thanks very much.
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Information submitted via this form will never be used by the owners of the site for any commercial purposes. Email addresses will never be used by the owners of this site for commercial purposes. Submitter's email address will be posted with the listing so that others interested in your veteran may contact you directly. Email addresses will be withheld on request.