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Parker's Homestead 1998
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Parker's Homestead is a recreation of a 19th century village created by Phil Parker.  It's located in White Hall near Harrisburg, Arkansas.  They have recreated a blacksmith shop, a beautiful church, a schoolhouse, a post office, newspaper shop, general store, livery, and other associated buildings and homes.  They hold a festival each year as well as tours for hundreds of local schoolchildren.  In 1998 they held their first reenactment at the Homestead.  Some members of the 1st Arkansas joined up with Wiggin's Artillery Battery and the 7th Arkansas to put on the show.  Going to Parker's Homestead is always great fun.
Be Patient, Lots of Pictures
Settin on the porch
Soldier on the march
Southern Lady
And another
Yankees got the Post Office
Sgt. Moose explains it all
A little pickin around the fire
Campsite near the school
Camp and schoolhouse
Big banger
Look at this team
Grit your teeth!
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